The RBC GranFondo Marketplace + Cheer Zone is an outdoor market created to offer activities to the Squamish spectators and community supporting the riders during this epic cycling event that begins in downtown Vancouver and finishes in Whistler. There will be 25+ local vendors congregated near the start line of the Medio ride cheering and supporting the riders along their journey to Whistler.


The Market:

The RBC GranFondo Marketplace is an exciting mix of local businesses present at the Medio start line to show the community and its visitors all that Squamish has to offer. It's a chance to cater to the visitors travelling to Squamish for the event and the opportunity to unite as local business owners and present an exciting showcase.

The Marketing:

We anticipate an attendance of 400-500 visitors to the RBC GranFondo Marketplace. Local businesses such as the Squamish Chamber and Mountain FM are working together to generate buzz, create a conversation and actively promote the event by circulating promotional materials, using social media outlets and raising awareness through their own distribution channels


How to be involved:

Help create a bustling festive marketplace, promote with tents, giveaways and information while cheering on riders alongside local and visiting enthusiasts. Businesses are asked to be on-site by 8:00am due to road closures.

Bring your noise makers!

Location: Garibaldi Village Mall Parking Lot. Saturday September 9th,  8am-12pm


All ages welcome!


Highway Closures 

The highway closures will be from 8:00AM until 11:00am for the event therefore we ask that all marketplace businesses are on-site by 8:00AM. The highway fully reopens at approximately 12:00PM. You will receive detailed information as the event approaches.


We're excited to hear from you and your business! Please feel free to contact our team with your ideas and interest in participating in the cheer zone. We would like to confirm vendor attendance by August 25th.

Let's encourage local shopping and community spirit!


Please contact Aleisha at your earliest convenience at sqamishfondo@gmail.com.