You'll enjoy complete nutrition support at RBC GranFondo Whistler

Throughout the ride on September 9th, you will be supported at 5 rest stops with food from Nesters and nutrition from CLIF BarPrecision Hydration will keep you hydrated on course - bring your water bottles to refill.

At the finish line, grab a MuscleMLK to refuel and recover, then head over to Celebration Plaza where you will be served your choice of an ice cold Red Truck Beer or a Fentiman's non-alcoholic beverage!

Red Truck / Fentiman's

At the finish, every rider will receive a well-deserved beer from Red Truck Brewery or a Fentiman's non-alcoholic beverage.


Stay hydrated - Precision Hydration

Bring your water bottle on the ride. Precision Hydration will be at VeloSpoke and on the course at all 5 rest stops providing hydration that will help optimise your performance

Take the unique Precision Hydration Sweat Test online. Tell them how you train, compete and sweat and they'll give you a personalised hydration strategy.


CLIF on course

During your ride, enjoy CLIF Bars, GELS and BLOKS from at all five rest stops.


The #1 way to recover - Muscle MLK

After you ride for 3+ hours, fuel your recovery. Consuming protein in the 30 – 45 minute window after exercise is optimal for muscle repair.

Every rider will enjoy a Muscle MLK at the finish line to support their recovery.


There's more McSweeney's Canadian jerky


Every rider swag bag will also have a 30g bag of jerky from McSweeney's.

Fuel yourself before, during or after the event with tasty Canadian Jerky.


Enjoy Culligan water

Culligan will be providing all water on course. 

Culligan was established in 1936 as provider of water softening solutions for residences, and has since grown to becoming a worldwide leader in water.


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