Team Information

Ride with friends and family in the GranFondo, Forte or Medio category as a team. Riders can form teams of 5 to 9. The winning team of 5 to 9 in the GranFondo category will receive prizes.  Teams with members registered in different distance categories will be nullified - meaning all riders on the team must be riding the same distance but they can have both Alta Classe and non-Alta Classe riders.

Please note, Giro category is individual only. No teams recognized in the Giro.

St. Regis Cup Team Challenge

Teams of 5 to 9: 

To qualify as a team of 5 to 9, there must a minimum of 5 members and a maximum of 9. Team categories are all Male, all Female or Mixed gender. A Mixed team must have a minimum of two males and two females on the team. 

Team results are determined based on the total of the 5 fastest times (based on gun time). Team members must all participate in the same distance category (ie. all team members must be registered in GranFondo or Alta Classe). The winner of each 5 to 9 team category (Mixed, Female & Male) will win a $1000 Gotham Steakhouse Gift Card.

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Corporate Teams:

New this year, we have developed a corporate team program to help enhance your experience at the RBC GranFondo Whistler. By participating in the corporate team program, you will be able to spend more time with your colleagues to celebrate the fantastic day. This is a non-competitive category and therefore, ineligible for team prizing. A corporate team must have a minimum of 10 riders. Team time will be based on the average of the first 10 riders on your team (using chip time). To register a team, please contact us at

If you are looking for accommodation for your group for Saturday night in Whistler, please contact 1.866.299.6971 Toll Free or

Creating a Team and Adding Members

It's easy to create a team when you first register, just enter the team name, select what kind of team it is (men's, women's or mixed gender), and sign up. You are now the captain of the team and you can send invites to others to join your team. A link will be emailed to you in a confirmation email that you can forward to others. To join a team, contact the captain to invite you.

Deadline for team changes is August 29, 2017 at 11:59am (PST). Absolutely no team changes can be made after that date. 

If you are already registered, and want to add someone to your team or change teams, please contact:

CCN (the online registration provider)

+1.866.534.2453 (Toll Free)

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